You can learn about new, life-changing treatments for your patients in minutes.

With ePatientFinder, there's no software to purchase, no hardware to manage and no costs. Ever.

ePatientFinder Clinical Trial Exchange™ platform helps physicians learn about the latest clinical trial options for their patients.

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ePatientFinder works with your existing EHR system. Our platform enables physicians to learn about new treatments and identify which patients could benefit from them—all through powerful, free and easy-to-use technology.    Learn How


ePatientFinder matters because patients want to know that their physician is considering all treatment options when making a decision about their care. It’s easy to keep up with the thousands of newly FDA-approved procedures and clinical trials available to your patients with our platform.    Learn Why


What is ePatientFinder?

ePatientFinder® is the only company that provides physicians and clinical trial sites with a secure technology platform that allows them to compliantly leverage EHR data and make it actionable. By tapping into the trusted physician-patient relationship, ePatientFinder produces the highest quality referrals in the business, which in turn help clinical trials get populated more quickly and cost effectively than ever before. With ePatientFinder, physicians and EHR providers develop additional revenue streams with little change to their current activities, and patient satisfaction increases dramatically with access to the advanced care that is only available through clinical trials.


85% of patients opt into learning about new treatment options

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How does ePatientFinder work?

ePatientFinder uses powerful algorithms to match physicians with treatments that are relevant to your patients, based on their existing EHR data. After the platform provides information about those treatments, YOU decide which ones to offer your patients.

After you choose a treatment, you can run a one-click report to see which of your patients meet the treatment’s criteria. ePatientFinder’s HIPAA-compliant care team collects additional eligibility information from the patient on your behalf and schedules the patient to talk with you about the treatment option. Together, you and your patient decide if the treatment is right for them.

What they're saying…


My patients are calling me thanking me for being so proactive about their care.

Every time ePatientFinder notifies me of a new treatment, I’m excited to click the learn more button.


I’ve never had a doctor call me to tell me about a new treatment before, I love it.

Wow, I didn’t even think that there was a treatment out there for me.


Why you need ePatientFinder.

Your patients want to know about all of their treatment options. Those options should be presented to them by you, their trusted physician—not a TV ad or online banner. Medicine is complicated, and self-referring and self-treatment can be dangerous.

ePatientFinder educates you on treatments you previously didn’t know about and simplifies the process of identifying the patients who meet treatment criteria, eliminating guesswork. Not only does our platform help ensure that your patients don’t miss treatment opportunities, it helps your practice increase patient satisfaction and revenue.


52% of patients want to learn about advanced treatment opportunities from their own doctor—not the Internet.